Inspired by the movement and flow of water across a landscape. A neutral colour palette instilling a sense of restfullness, balance and grounding. Combined with accents of gold to capture and reflect light, instilling warmth, luxury and a sense of hope moving towards something greater, something of value and positivity. An Illuminous object lights up those around it. The intent of this collection is to create a positive and warm environment for the viewer, providing an escape and safe space.


Inspired by the patterns emerging across a landscape as a waterway carves out its path towards the sea. This force of nature that overcomes all obstacles, such as drainage, harvesting and containment through dams. Eventually  attaining its goal of reaching its freedom, the sea. Times of peace like a meandering stream. Times of chaos like a regional flood. This analogy of our own desires and hopes and goals in life. A bold and colourful palette with directional line work to instill a positive sense in the viewer. Just like this force of nature, we can make it, we can do it, we will get there.