Amy Basnett is an Australian Artist with a passion for connecting abstract and contemporary art with people and incorporating interior design concepts into her overall compositions. 


Amy is part of the RAW Artist global movement. RAW is an indie arts organisation for artists, by artists. They focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public. Amy is also part of Strathnairn Arts in Canberra, ACT.


Focusing on colour, technique and design she works intuitively to create works that impart a feeling, emotion or positive reflection in the viewer.


With a background in Catchment and Land Management, Amy has a passion for water quality and the way in which a watercourse flows through a catchment, how water interacts with its landscape, carving out its own path and interacting along the way with land users.


It is this sense of freedom and expression created through the unique patterns emerging from springs, to creeks, to rivers, to oceans through a landscape that gives direction for bold colour use and fluid movement within her works.
"I love to create a painting which makes such a connection with its viewer that it becomes part of their life story. That they see their own individual interactions and positive reflections with our water landscape, and environments."


Self-taught, Amy has been painting since she was ten years old. She completed Year 11 and 12 TEE Art in Perth, Western Australia. Amy went on to complete a degree in Environmental Science, majoring in Environmental Management with a second major in Land Management at Edith Cowan University. She worked as a Water Quality Officer in the Ellen Brook and Brockman River sub-catchments delivering projects to assist landholders and stakeholders to improve water quality. 


While continuing to paint in her spare time, Amy moved to Townsville in Northern Queensland and became a Natural Resource Management Officer in the Burdekin River Catchment, delivering projects with sugar cane growers to improve quality of runoff from farms and reduce nutrient, chemical and sediment into the Great Barrier Reef.


These experiences led to Amy taking up her art as a part time business in 2014 while raising her two toddlers, with subject matter and style inspired by her love for our natural resources and water catchments. Since then Amy has partaken in art competitions and exhibitions in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Her artwork has been commissioned and sold into private collections in London, China and throughout Australia.